I feel like I have been taking pictures most of my life. My first camera was a 110 film camera that I used until I bought my first 35mmSLR when I was a senior in high school.

I graduated from Umass Dartmouth in 1992 with my degree in photography and a minor in painting. While the photography world was transitioning from film to digital, I painted for 10 years in a studio in Boston where I also coordinated art shows in alternative spaces.

After leaving Boston in 1997, I lived in the East Bay, the East Side, and finally East Providence where I have resided for 10 years. I love my neighborhood and the little glimpses of natural space around Willet Pond and the bike path.

Having completed my Master’s Degree in Special Education, I taught in Massachusetts for 3 years. Then I left teaching to stay home with my children. I needed to find a creative outlet so I finally invested in a DSLR and picked up where I had left off many years ago taking pictures of people and places looking for the uniqueness and simple beauty of my subjects.

Seven years later, I am still photographing families. I have also had the honor of documenting many beautiful weddings. Day to day, I photograph my own kids, and the world around us, but I also love the local art and performance scene here in Rhode Island. Capturing dance, documenting public art, and collaborating with other artists inspires my personal work.

And as a player of capoeira, I also document as many events as I can to share the beauty of the players in the roda, the music, and the axé total (total energy ) of the game.

Thank you for visiting.

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